Or Raleigh vs. Dallas.  Why does this matter?  It is my team playing my brother’s newly adopted city’s team.  Or realistically it is hockey so not at all.

The game was better than the 4-1 score may indicate and that was due in no small part to the fight.  One may speculate that getting punched is never good but giving or receiving a fist on ice skates seems like a problem.  That being said – standing for me on ice skates seems like a problem.

It was a good game and I got some pretty good pictures.  Yes – we were seated in the rafters directly behind David Thompson’s #44 jersey.

More images after the jump and if you have All-Star tickets now might be a good time to send them this way.  We’ve been HUGE supporters of the Canes over the years and even watched a couple of games from start to finish.