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This is not a website that one would expect would get a lot of publicity. Other than having the coolest float in the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, our own series of ceramic cat mascots, decorating a toilet, hosting the greatest show on dirt (aka the Milk Money Mafia) and generally being awesome – we don’t do much. One might expect we would go virtually unnoticed.  Here is our little wall of fame for the times we do get noticed by someone other than the “regulars” or as the media may call them – those guilty by association. Before you say anything – when was the last time your blog was in the newspaper?

Kirby Derby Day Winner – Best Overall Theme – 2014
Back 2 back? Yes we did. This year with a crazy bunny theme? Superstitious? Not at all and headed for a three-peat.
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Kirby Derby Day Winner – Best Overall Theme – 2013
Wonderland? How about Winter Wonderland complete with Santa Claus and Frosty powered sled?
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BobG & EdG Cover the N&O – 2012
Disco Marathon? Why not – here are BobG and EdG on the cover of the newspaper – the real newspaper.
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Southwest Raleigh Begins Quest for Modern Image – 2012
Quoted in the Midtown Raleigh News concerning efforts to rebuild Southwest Raleigh. It is no parade but a huge step in the right direction for our area.

League of Speed wins Monster Dash 5k – 2012
Winning the only way we can – the costume contest. The prize? $25 gift certificate which we promptly spent on $1 beers.
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Darth Disco pictured in N&O St. Patrick’s Day Gallery – 2012
How awesome was Disco Ireland? We’ll keep an eye out to see if we get more coverage.
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Caffeinated Wild Turkey American Honey BBQ Sauce featured on Topless Robot – 2011
How can you not like this from the title alone? I think we deserved higher than a #5 ranking but I’ll take it.
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Vikings take over the St. Patrick’s Day Parade – 2011
…and horn-headed Vikings threw candy from another. Not a full article on our shenanigans but we did get mentioned and we have 3 pictures in their photo gallery.
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2007 St. Patrick’s Day Float Image Used in Article about Parade – 2010
Raleigh St. Patrick’s Day Parade Saved By Police, Guinness, And Sponsors

Team’s beloved Mascot goes Missing (“Black Randy”) – 2009
Black Randy (OBX Randy’s cousin) was featured in the Midtown Raleigh News.  No interview was declined this time – “What we’re dealing with,” said right-fielder Bob Gaughran, “besides ceramic-cat theft, is like the classic American story: a kickball team, a ceramic cat and a dream.”  Black Randy eventually made his way back and all the credit goes to the media for reporting on this story.
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Randy the Cat Wins OBX Photo Contest – 2009
Randy the Cat strikes again this time with a stunning visual from his OBX adventure.
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Santa Poll used in N&O – 2008
I was contacted by Josh Shaffer via facebook and he asked for an interview re: the Santa Race Poll which I politely declined. I did offer him the results of the survey which he used in the article.
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